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Ex LAX Remixed and Screwed Up

Track listing:
Lovers’ Carvings – Bibio
Asleep at a Party – Memory Cassette
All the Kings Men – Wild Beasts
Into the Hillside – Cassettes Won’t Listen
I Wouldn’t Want to be Like You – Alan Parsons Project (Twelves Re-Edit)
Animal – Miike Snow (Treasure Fingers Remix)
Belong – Washed Out
Ecstasy – JJ
Shelter – The xx
St. James Infirmary – Allen Toussaint
Ah! Melody – Serge Gainsbourg

Ex LAX Remixed and Screwed Up. Right-click to download.

Thanks to Cameron Reed from Babe Rainbow for putting most of these tracks on my Radar.

Dream Girl and/or Boy


Are you pursuing your dreams? Are you pursuing your dream girl and/or boy? Are you LOCKED IN on love? I hope this podcast will help you to find your Ben Affleck and/or Jen Garner.

Raindrops – Basement Jaxx
Pogo – Digitalism
Is This Love? – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
With You Forever – PNAU
Love of my Life- Erykah Badu and Common
Our Love – Jennifer Lara
Lovely Day – Bill Withers
Silver City – Ghostland Observatory
Walking on a Dream – Empire of the Sun
Sleepyhead – Passion Pit

Dream Girl and/or Boy. Right-click to download.

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Cuddle Jam ’09

Track Listing:

Burning – The Whitest Boy Alive

Hardcore Days and Softcore Nights – Aqueduct

With You Forever – PNAU

Heartbreaker – Metronomy

Wildcat – Ratatat

In My Arms – Mylo

Easy Love – MSTRKRFT

Breathe – Telepopmusik

Season Song – Blue States

Shadows of Ourselves - Thievery Corporation

L’Amour a 3 – Stereo Total

Lovely Day – Bill Withers

Further Up The Road – Johnny Cash

Heartbeats – Jose Gonzales

Kylie Minogue vs. New Order – Soulwax


Cuddle Jam ’09. Right-click to download.

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Northern Voice 2009 Fodder For Further Discussion

I had the pleasure today to speak at Northern Voice 2009. I’m so grateful to the crew of volunteers that have been putting on this world class event for the past 5 years.

I shared some of my theories on Mash Media with a savvy and engaged crowd. The session was “hijacked” by some really interesting questions on copyright law. Seeing that I’m not a copyright lawyer I could only speak on my own personal views on the subject. Some of my own personal views were formed based on:

The Pirates Dilemma by Matt Mason

It makes a good point that we all violate copyright every time we sing Happy Birthday. Information is a two way street that is decentralized and democratized. Piracy allowed America to industrialize very quickly thanks to stealing patents. Thomas Edison was seen as a pirate for inventing the gramophone. Musicians feared Edison.

I sensed that same fear today when I presented some of my own personal theories on storytelling and art making. I was surprised to read that an attendee was scared of my views on copyright. Admittedly, saying “fuck copyright” was a little harsh on my part.

RIP: A Remix Manifesto
“It’s beneficial to share ideas.” “Sharing is the nature of creation”

Lessig Remix
Creating, not consuming is the order of the day.

RiP: A Remix Manifesto and Girl Talk

I haven’t been this excited about a new release of a documentary since I was studying at NYU and heard about The Kid Stays in the Picture. RiP: A Remix Manifesto is “The film, billed as the world’s first open source documentary, analyzes the current strain of creative borrowing and capitalization with the help of Cory Doctorow, Lawrence Lessig, Gilberto Gil and more.”

I learned of the documentary from a Wired article on Gregg Gilles aka Girl Talk who’s party mash-up music has yet again brought the music copyright law issue to the fore much like De La Soul’s sample based hip hip tracks did in the early 90s. In the Wired interview Girl Talk speaks insightfully on the changing face of media sharing and copyright law.

“Not much has changed with the legislation, but I think the mass mentality has definitely shifted.”
“People are more directly interactive with what they consume”

One of my own personal life goals is help this interaction. I personally feel that this is the future of media storytelling. We must not just consume anymore. Consumers must have easy access to produce, remix, mashup and/or subvert the media. I’m heartened that Girl Talk is raising the collective game of the mash up and feels that “The tools to remix music and videos will become easier to use and more widely available.”